April 30, 2009

Trouble in the Air: Global Warming and the Privatised Atmosphere
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Carbon Trading: A Critical Conversation on Climate Change, Privatisation and Power
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Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate
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Governing Climate: The Struggle For A Global Framework Beyond Kyoto
by Taishi Sugiyama, Editor, (2005). 142 pages, 1.1MB, PDF

The Carbon Neutral Myth: Offset Indulgences for Your Climate Sins
by Kevin Smith, (2007). 80 pages, 600KB, PDF

Dispensing Medical Countermeasures for Public Health Emergencies
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Antivirals for Pandemic Influenza: Guidance on Developing a Program
by Institute of Medicine (2008)

Global Infectious Disease Surveillance and Detection: Assessing the Challenges
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Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic: Personal Protective Equipment
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Vector-Borne Diseases
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Ethical and Legal Considerations in Mitigating Pandemic Disease
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Reusability of Facemasks During an Influenza Pandemic: Facing the Flu
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The Impact of Globalization on Infectious Disease Emergence and Control
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Learning from SARS: Preparing for the Next Disease Outbreak
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Emergency Childbirth: A Reference Guide for Students
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California riparian systems: ecology, conservation, and productive management
by Richard E Warner (1984)

California's salmon and steelhead: the struggle to restore an imperiled resource
by Alan Lufkin (1990)