August 30, 2013

On 2D Inverse Problems
Wikibooks, 2013, online html

Multivariable Calculus
by Wong Yan Loi, 2013, 105 pp, 930KB, PDF

Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment
by Jixiang Yang, 2013, 125 pp, 5.5MB, PDF

Photonic Design: From Fundamental Solar Cell Physics to Computational Inverse Design
by Owen D. Miller, 2012, 136 pp, 7.2MB, PDF

August 28, 2013

Infant and Young Child Feeding
World Health Organization, 2009, 112 pp, 2.3MB, PDF

A Tour of Triangle Geometry
by Paul Yiu, 2005, 52 pp, 1.3MB, PDF

Open Systems, Entanglement and Quantum Optics
by Andrzej Jamiolkowski (ed.), 2013, 138 pp, 2.5MB, PDF

Analytic Number Theory
by Giuseppe Rauti, 2013, 96 pp, 580KB, PDF

August 26, 2013

The Anatomy of the Human Peritoneum and Abdominal Cavity
by George. S. Huntington, 1903, 294 pp, multiple formats

Partial Differential Equations
by Vitali Liskevich, 2007, 53 pp, 750KB, PDF

Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications
by Tarun Biswas, 2003, 203 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

Pulmonary Hypertension
by Jean M. Elwing, Ralph J. Panos (eds), 2013, 233 pp, 6.7MB, PDF

August 16, 2013

Dictionary Of Invertebrate Zoology
by Armand R. Maggenti, 2005, 970 pp, 3.5MB, PDF

Partial Differential Equations
by Erich Miersemann, 2012, 205 pp, 1.4MB, PDF

Migraine in Children: Preventive Pharmacologic Treatments
by Tatyana A Shamliyan, et al., 2013, 207 pp, 2.7MB, PDF

A Simple Guide to Backyard Astronomy
by Carol Beigel, 2008, 61 pp, 3.5MB, PDF

August 14, 2013

Antennas: Theory and Practice
by S.A. Schelkunoff, 1952, 672 pp, multiple formats

Geometry: From Ancient to Modern
by Wong Yan Loi, 1999, 52 pp, 390KB, PDF

Data Compression Explained
by Matt Mahoney, 2013, multiple formats

Internal Medicine Practice Questions
by Sunir Kumar (ed.), 2013, 183 pp, 7.4MB, PDF

August 12, 2013

Treatment Strategies for Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease
by W Schuyler Jones, et al., 2013, 364 pp, 3.9MB, PDF

A No-Nonsense Introduction to General Relativity
by Sean M. Carroll, 2001, 24 pp, 160KB, PDF

Introduction to the Standard Model of the Electro-Weak Interactions
by Jean Iliopoulos, 2013, 44 pp, 430KB, PDF

Ordinary Differential Equations
by Wong Yan Loi, 2013, 121 pp, 780KB, PDF

August 9, 2013

Essential Electrodynamics
by Raymond John Protheroe, 2013, 179 pp, multiple PDF files

Distributed Detection and Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
by Sergio Barbarossa, Stefania Sardellitti, Paolo Di Lorenzo, 2013, 92 pp, 960KB, PDF

An Introduction to Geometry
by Wong Yan Loi, 2009, 136 pp, 1.3MB, PDF

Structural Engineering, Analysis and Design
by Victor E. Saouma, 2004, 142 pp, 2.2MB, PDF

August 7, 2013

An Introduction to the Algebra of Quantics
by E.B. Elliott, 1913, 444 pp, multiple formats

Quantum Mechanics Made Simple
by Weng Cho Chew, 2012, 218 pp, 2.4MB, PDF

Computer Science from the Bottom Up
by Ian Wienand, 2013, online html

Roots of a Compact Lie Group
by Kristopher Tapp, 2009, 39 pp, 430KB, PDF

August 5, 2013

Dynamics of the Universe in Problems
by Yu. L. Bolotin, et al., 2013, 113 pp, online html

Reinforced Concrete: Theory and Practice
by Frederick Rings, 1910, 252 pp, multiple formats

Numerical Methods in Quantum Mechanics
by Paolo Giannozzi, 2013, 101 pp, 970KB, PDF

Control Engineering Problems with Solutions
by Derek P. Atherton, 2013, 200 pp, 5.4MB, PDF

August 2, 2013

The Experimental Status of Special and General Relativity
by Orfeu Bertolami, Jorge Paramos, 2012, 36 pp, 340KB, PDF

Radiation Oncology Physics: A Handbook for Teachers And Students
by E. B. Podgorsak (ed.), 2005, 696 pp, 7MB, PDF

Elementary Practical Mathematics
by John Perry, 1913, 364 pp, multiple formats

Introduction to Twisted Commutative Algebras
by Steven V Sam, Andrew Snowden, 2012, 56 pp, 620KB, PDF

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