February 26, 2010

Consciousness Studies
Wikibooks, 2007, 235 pages, 3MB, PDF

edited by Edward O. Wilson, Frances M. Peter, 1988, 521 pages, 14MB, PDF

Statistics for Business and Economics
by Marcelo Fernandes, 2009, 150 pages, 4.3MB, PDF

Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems: A Primer
by Claudius Gros, 2008, 276 pages, 4.2MB, PDF

Modern Cryptography
by Phillip Rogaway, 2000, PS

February 25, 2010

Mechanosensitivity in Cells and Tissues
edited by Andre Kamkin, Irina Kiseleva, 2005

Robot Surgery
edited by Seung Hyuk Baik, 2010, 172 pages, 22MB, PDF, Sciyo.com

Sedimentary Geology
by John Southard, 2007, PDF

Images of the Solar Upper Atmosphere From SUMER on SOHO
by U. Feldman, I. E. Dammasch, K. Wilhelm, P. Lemaire, D. M. Hassler, 2003, PDF

February 24, 2010

Modular Forms: A Computational Approach
by William A. Stein, 2007, 282 pages, 2.4MB, PDF

Finite-element Methods for Electromagnetics
by Stanley Humphries, 2010, 329 pages, 9.1MB, PDF

The basic paradoxes of statistical classical physics and quantum mechanics
by Oleg Kupervasser, 2009, 169 pages, 2.3MB, PDF

Basic Cryptanalysis
United States Department of the Army, 1990, PDF/PS

February 23, 2010

Indwelling Neural Implants: Strategies for Contending with the In Vivo Environment edited by William M. Reichert, 2007

Aerospace Technologies Advancements
edited by Thawar T. Arif, 2010, 514 pages, 41MB, PDF, Sciyo.com

History of Astronomy
by George Forbes, 1909

The Environment of the Earth's Surface
by John Southard , 2007, 466 pages, PDF

Basic Concepts in Quantum Computation
by Artur Ekert, Patrick Hayden, Hitoshi Inamori, 2000, 37 pages, 350KB, PDF

February 22, 2010

Quantum algorithms for algebraic problems
by Andrew M. Childs, Wim van Dam, 2008, 52 pages, PDF/PS

People With MS and the Courage to Give
by Jackie Waldman, 2009

Concise Hydrology
by Dawei Han, 2010, 145 pages, 5MB, PDF

A brief introduction of quantum cryptography for engineers
by Bing Qi, Li Qian, Hoi-Kwong Lo, 2010, 36 pages, 640KB, PDF

Medicine in the Americas
U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2009, PDF

Solid State Circuits Technologies
edited by Jacobus W. Swart, 2010, 472 pages, 49MB, PDF, Sciyo.com

February 18, 2010

A Handbook of Health
by Woods Hutchinson, 1911

An Introduction to Fluid Motions, Sediment Transport, and Current-generated Sedimentary Structures by John Southard, 2006, 539 pages, PDF

Quantum Cryptography
by N. Gisin, G. Ribordy, W. Tittel, H. Zbinden, 2001, 57 pages, 1.4MB, PDF

Introduction to Electronic Engineering
by Valery Vodovozov, 2010, 135 pages, 4.1MB, PDF

February 17, 2010

Integral Operators - Functional Analysis Examples
by Leif Mejlbro, 2009, 66 pages, 3.2MB, PDF

Lecture Notes on Network Information Theory
by Abbas El Gamal, Young-Han Kim, 2010, 639 pages, 3.9MB, PDF

Brain Aging: Models, Methods, and Mechanisms
edited by David R. Riddle, 2007

Blood donors and the supply of blood and blood products
edited by F. J. Manning, L. R. Sparacino, 1996, 137 pages, 2.9MB, PDF

February 16, 2010

Computational Fluid Dynamics
edited by Hyoung Woo Oh, 2010, 428 pages, 32MB, PDF, Sciyo.com

A Short Account of the History of Mathematics
by W. W. Rouse Ball, 1960, 466 pages, 2.7MB, PDF

Modeling Environmental Complexity
by Daniel Rothman, 2008, PDF

Quantum Algorithms
by Michele Mosca, 2008, 71 pages, PDF/PS

February 15, 2010

Comparison Geometry
edited by Karsten Grove, Peter Petersen, 1997, PS/PDF

Coal and the Environment
by S. F. Greb, C. F. Eble, D. C. Peters, A. R. Papp, 2006, 68 pages, 2.7MB, PDF

Pain and Disability: Clinical, Behavioral, and Public Policy Perspectives
edited by M. Osterweis, A. Kleinman, D. Mechanic, 1987

Spectral Theory
by Leif Mejlbro, 2009, 80 pages, 3.2MB, PDF

Lectures on Inflation and Cosmological Perturbations
by David Langlois, 2010, 56 pages, 630KB, PDF

Electrochemical Methods for Neuroscience
edited by Adrian C. Michael, Laura Borland, 2007

February 12, 2010

Intelligent and Biosensors
edited by Vernon S. Somerset, 2010, Sciyo.com

Plane and spherical trigonometry in three parts
by Henry Bedingfield Goodwin, 1907

Nonlinear Dynamics I: Chaos
by Daniel H. Rothman, 2006, 163 pages, 1.7MB, PDF

Applications of Continuum Mechanics to Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
by Bradford Hager, 2006, PDF

February 11, 2010

Groundwater Hydrology
by Charles Harvey, 2005, PDF

Physical Audio Signal Processing
by Julius O. Smith III, 2007

The Structure of Finite Algebras
by David Hobby, Ralph McKenzie, 1988, PDF

A Rosetta Stone for Quantum Mechanics with an Introduction to Quantum Computation
by Samuel J. Lomonaco, jr, 2000, 97 pages, PS/PDF

February 10, 2010

Flavors of Geometry
by Silvio Levy, 1997, PS/PDF

Formal Logic
Wikibooks, 2009

Hilbert Spaces and Operators on Hilbert Spaces
by Leif Mejlbro, 2009, 109 pages, 3.3MB, PDF

Introduction to Collider Physics
by Maxim Perelstein, 2010, 47 pages, PS/PDF

February 9, 2010

Comparative Genomics
edited by Nicholas H. Bergman, 2007

Advanced Fluid Dynamics of the Environment
by Chiang Mei, 2002, PDF

Probability and Statistics in Engineering
by Daniele Veneziano, 2005, PDF

Fractional Graph Theory: A Rational Approach to the Theory of Graphs
by Daniel Ullman, Edward Scheinerman, 2008, 167 pages, 1.2MB, PDF

February 8, 2010

Perturbation theory of dynamical systems
by Nils Berglund, 2001, 111 pages, 4.8MB, PDF

An Introduction to Frames
Jelena Kovacevic and Amina Chebira, 2008, 94 pages, 950KB, PDF

Quantum Computer Science
by David Mermin, 2007, PDF/PS

Path Integrals and Their Application to Dissipative Quantum Systems
by Gert-Ludwig Ingold, 2002, 55 pages, PS/PDF

Path Integral Methods and Applications
by Richard MacKenzie, 2000, 55 pages, PS/PDF

February 5, 2010

Tight and Taut Submanifolds
edited by Thomas E. Cecil, Shiing-shen Chern, 1997, PS/PDF

Wireless Communications: Signal Processing Perspectives
edited by H. V. Poor, G. W. Wornell, 1998, 409 pages, PDF

Lecture notes on the formation and early evolution of planetary systems
by Philip J. Armitage, 2009, 57 pages, PS/PDF

Advances in Patient Safety: From Research to Implementation
edited by James B. Battles, at al. 2004

Wave Propagation
by C. C. Mei, T. Akylas, R. Rosales, 2006, PDF

February 4, 2010

An Introduction into the Feynman Path Integral
by Christian Grosche, 1993, 94 pages, PS/PDF

Introduction to High-Performance Scientific Computing
by Victor Eijkhout, 2010, 234 pages, 1.9MB, PDF

Stochastic Optimal Control: The Discrete-Time Case
by Dimitri P. Bertsekas, Steven E. Shreve, 1996, PDF

Undergraduate Set Theory
by Ernest Schimmerling, 2008, 113 pages, 510KB, PDF

February 3, 2010

Global Analysis: Functional Analysis Examples
by Leif Mejlbro, 2009, 78 pages, 3.5MB, PDF

A History of Mathematics
by Florian Cajori, 1909, 556 pages, PDF/TeX

Introductory Lectures on Quantum Cosmology
by J. J. Halliwell, 1990, 107 pages, PS/PDF

Comparative Oncology
by Alecsandru Ioan Baba and Cornel Catoi, 2007

February 2, 2010

Transport Processes in the Environment
by Heidi Nepf, 2008, PDF

Dynamics and Control I
by Thomas Peacock, at al. 2007, PDF

Do we really understand quantum mechanics?
by F. Laloe, 2001, 117 pages, 8.9MB, PDF

Elliptic Functions
by Arthur Latham Baker, 1890, 147 pages, PDF/TeX

February 1, 2010

Quantum Mechanics I
by Niels Walet, 2005, 57 pages, 530KB, PDF

Linear Controller Design: Limits of Performance
by Stephen Boyd, Craig Barratt, 1991, 426 pages, 5.9MB, PDF

Insects and Diseases
by Rennie W. Doane, 1910

Dense Matter in Compact Stars
by Andreas Schmitt, 2010, 146 pages, PS/PDF

Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses
edited by Ronda G. Hughes, 2008

High Performance Control
by T.T. Tay, I.M.Y. Mareels, J.B. Moore, 1997, 362 pages, 5.3MB, PDF

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