January 31, 2012

Signal Processing: Continuous and Discrete
by Derek Rowell, 2008, PDF

Evolved to Win
by Moshe Sipper, 2011, 193 pp, 1.9MB, PDF

Essential Drugs: Practical Guidelines
edited by Jacques Pinel, et al. 2010, 363 pp, 2.5MB, PDF

All Spacetimes Beyond Einstein
by Frederic P. Schuller, 2011, 44 pp, 420KB, PDF

January 30, 2012

An Introduction to Stochastic Attribute-Value Grammars
by Rob Malouf, Miles Osborne, 2001, 159 pp, 1.8MB, PDF

Lectures on Some Aspects of p-Adic Analysis
by F. Bruhat, 1963, 147 pp, 670KB, PDF

Water Recreation and Disease
by Kathy Pond , 2005, 260 pp, 3.1MB, PDF

Motor Neurone Disease
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, 2010, 127 pp, 1.6MB, PDF

January 27, 2012

Emergent Models for Gravity: an overview
by L. Sindoni, 2011, 54 pp, 460KB, PDF

Coalgebras and Modal Logic
by Alexander Kurz, 2002, 100 pp, 1.7MB, PDF

Communication Systems
Wikibooks, 2011, 162 pp, 1.8MB, PDF

Lectures On Some Fixed Point Theorems Of Functional Analysis
by F.F. Bonsall, 1962, 147 pp, 580KB, PDF

January 25, 2012

Lecture Notes on Nonlinear Optics
by Fredrik Jonsson, 2003, 168 pp, 2.9MB, PDF

Exoplanet Observing for Amateurs
by Bruce L. Gary, 2007, 170 pp, 3.7MB, PDF

Notes on Quantum Field Theory
by Sidney Coleman, 1986, 336 pp, 3.1MB, PDF

Molecular Spectroscopy
by Steve Marsden, 2009, 45 pp, 370KB, PDF

January 23, 2012

Fundamental Program of the Calculus
by Alan Smithee, 2007, 230 pp, 1.4MB, PDF

Testing Treatments: Better Research for Better Healthcare
by I. Evans, H. Thornton, I. Chalmers, P. Glasziou, 2011, 226 pp, 2.8MB, PDF

Pathogenesis of Encephalitis
by Daisuke Hayasaka, 2011, 344 pp, 16MB, PDF

The Elements of Non-Euclidean Geometry
by D.M.Y. Sommerville, 1914

January 20, 2012

Foundations of Software Engineering
by Kevin Amaratunga, 2000

String Theory: a perspective over the last 25 years
by Sunil Mukhi, 2011, 45 pp, 430KB, PDF

Wavelets and their Applications in Computer Graphics
by Alain Fournier, et al. 1995, 239 pp, 3.2MB, PDF

Basic Concepts in Modal Logic
by Edward N. Zalta, 2011, 92 pp, 570KB, PDF

January 19, 2012

Introduction to Mineralogy: A Collection of Copper Minerals
by Andrea Bangert, 2002

AIDS Prevention
by Jean-Michel Lebrun, 2006, 126 pp, 2.3MB, PDF

Atomic Spectroscopy
by W.C. Martin, W.L. Wiese, 2003, 31 pp, 700KB, PDF

Earth and Environmental Sciences
edited by Imran Ahmad Dar, Mithas Ahmad Dar, 2011, 630 pp, 91MB, PDF

January 17, 2012

Physics of Light and Optics
by Justin Peatross, Michael Ware, 2011, 345 pp, 16MB, PDF

Collecting and Preserving Insects and Arachnids
edited by I.M. Millar, V.M Uys, R.P. Urban, 1999, 112 pp, 3.9MB, PDF

Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases
World Health Organization, 2003, 160 pp, 720KB, PDF

Lectures on Stochastic Processes
by K. Ito, 1960, 207 pp, 900KB, PDF

January 16, 2012

Heat Conduction: Basic Research
by Vyacheslav S. Vikhrenko, 2011, 350 pp, 6.7MB, PDF

The Meaning of Relativity
by Albert Einstein, 1922, 134 pp, 620KB, PDF

Maneuvering and Control of Marine Vehicles
by Michael S. Triantafyllou, Franz S. Hover, 2003, 152 pp, 1.7MB, PDF

Radioisotopes: Applications in Physical Sciences
edited by Nirmal Singh, 2011, 496 pp, 35MB, PDF

January 13, 2012

Formal Language Theory for Natural Language Processing
by Shuly Wintner, 2001, 52 pp, 320KB, PDF

On Advanced Analytic Number Theory
by C.L. Siegel, 1961, 241 pp, 1.4MB, PDF

Screening for Cervical Cancer
by Kimberly K Vesco, et al. 2011, 276 pp, 3.9MB, PDF

Precalculus: An Investigation of Functions
by David Lippman, Melonie Rasmussen, 2011, 568 pp, 6.1MB, PDF

January 11, 2012

Introduction to Robotics
by Harry Asada, 2005, PDF

Muscle Atlas of the Extremities
by Michael Richardson, 2011

Math in Society
by David Lippman, 2011, 214 pp, 3.7MB, PDF

Introduction to Proof Theory
by Gilles Dowek, 2001, 82 pp, 620KB, PDF

January 9, 2012

Lectures on Topics in Mean Periodic Functions and the Two-Radius Theorem
by J. Delsarte, 1961, 151 pp, 680KB, PDF

American Birds
by William Lovell Finley, 1907

Electrical Generation and Distribution Systems and Power Quality Disturbances
edited by Gregorio Romero Rey, Luisa Martinez Muneta, 2011, 304 pp, 18MB, PDF

Rule-based Computation and Deduction
by Helene Kirchner, Pierre-Etienne Moreau, 2001, 100 pp, 870KB, PDF

January 6, 2012

Orders of Infinity
by G. H. Hardy, 1910, 101 pp, 820KB, PDF

Quaternions, Interpolation and Animation
by Erik B. Dam, Martin Koch, Martin Lillholm, 1998, 103 pp, 3.4MB, PDF

Information and Entropy
by Paul Penfield, 2008, 161 pp, 4.4MB, PDF

Linear Algebra
by Paul Dawkins, 2011, 342 pp, 2.2MB, PDF

January 5, 2012

Understanding Anxiety Problems
by Terry Dixon, 2011, 41 pp, 230KB, PDF

British Birds in their Haunts
by C. A. Johns, 1938

Color Key to North American Birds
by Frank M. Chapman, 1912

The Elements of Computing Systems
by Noam Nisan, Shimon Schocken, 2005, PDF

January 3, 2012

Wikibooks, 2011, 456 pp, 6MB, PDF

Lectures on Topics In The Theory of Infinite Groups
by B.H. Neumann, 1960, 200 pp, 760KB, PDF

Preludes to Dark Energy: Zero-point energy and vacuum speculations
by Helge Kragh, 2011, 69 pp, 1.3MB, PDF

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
edited by Oliviu Pascu, 2011, 272 pp, 31MB, PDF

January 2, 2012

Ship Structural Analysis and Design
by David Burke, 2003, PDF

Determinantal Rings
by Winfried Bruns, Udo Vetter, 1988, 244 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

Magnetic Fields and Magnetic Diagnostics for Tokamak Plasmas
by Alan Wootton, 2008, 166 pp, 1.1MB, PDF

Challenges and Paradigms in Applied Robust Control
edited by Andrzej Bartoszewicz, 2011, 460 pp, 16MB, PDF

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