July 30, 2014

Temporal Database Management
by Christian S. Jensen, 2000, 1323 pp, multiple PDF files

A Short History of Greek Mathematics
by James Gow, 1884, 351 pp, multiple formats

Introduction to Relativistic Transport Theory
by Hendrik van Hees, 2013, 52 pp, 350KB, PDF

Noble Gases: An Overview
Wikipedia, 2014, online html

July 25, 2014

The Fundamentals of Density Functional Theory
by Helmut Eschrig, 2013, 224 pp, 1.3MB, PDF

Neural Networks and Deep Learning
by Michael Nielsen, 2014, online html

Lecture notes in fluid mechanics: From basics to the millennium problem
by Laurent Schoeffel, 2014, 67 pp, 950KB, PDF

Venezuelan Tepuis: Their Caves and Biota
by R. Aubrecht et al., 2012, 169 pp, 156MB, PDF

July 21, 2014

Neural Networks
by Milan Hajek, 2005, 114 pp, 1.9MB, PDF

Biological Relatives: IVF, Stem Cells, and the Future of Kinship
by Sarah B. Franklin, 2013, 376 pp, 1.9MB, PDF

Computational Physics
by Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos, 2014, 682 pp, multiple formats

Abel's Theorem and the Allied Theory
by H.F. Baker, 1897, 712 pp, multiple formats

July 16, 2014

Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
by Claude Garrod, 1995, 640 pp, multiple PDF files

Boundary Element Methods for Engineers
by Roger Fenner, 2014, 526 pp, multiple PDF files

Understanding Climate's Influence on Human Evolution
National Academies Press, 2010, 129 pp, 2.4MB, PDF

Lecture Notes on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
by Daniel Arovas, 2013, 440 pp, 12MB, PDF

July 3, 2014

Pharmacology and Therapeutics
by Sivakumar Joghi Thatha Gowder (ed.), 2014, 356 pp, multiple PDF files

Computation for Computer Scientists
by Hugh Murrell, Alan Sartori-Angus, Wayne Goddard, 2006, 121 pp, 1.1MB, PDF

Network Security and Management
Wikipedia, 2014, online html

Quantum Information and Computation
by John Preskill, 1998, 481 pp, 2.7MB, PDF

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