May 30, 2011

Sun Power: The Global Solution for the Coming Energy Crisis
by Ralph Nansen, 1995

Physics Searches at the LHC
by David E. Morrissey, Tilman Plehn, Tim M.P. Tait, 2010, 184 pages, 3.4MB, PDF

Algorithms and Data Structures for External Memory
by Jeffrey Scott Vitter, 2008, 191 pages, 1.1MB, PDF

Post-Newtonian Theory for the Common Reader
by Eric Poisson, 2007, 174 pages, 1.2MB, PDF

May 27, 2011

Diabetic Retinopathy for the Comprehensive Ophthalmologist
by Jonathan D. Walker, 2009, PDF

Of the Evolution of the Brain
by Allessandro Treves, Yasser Roudi, 2010, 50 pages, 1.3MB, PDF

Primordial Magnetogenesis
by Alejandra Kandus, Kerstin E. Kunze, Christos G. Tsagas, 2011, 107 pages, 880KB, PDF

Lectures on Supersymmetry
by Ivo Sachs, 2004, 53 pages, 370KB, PDF

May 25, 2011

Math Alive
by Ingrid Daubechies, Shannon Hughes, 2008, PDF

Handbook of Knowledge Representation
by Frank van Harmelen, Vladimir Lifschitz, Bruce Porter, 2008, 1035 pages, 11MB, PDF

Introduction to Electronics
by Yatindra Nath Singh, Joseph John, 2007

Induction of Labour: Clinical Guideline
National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health, 2008, 124 pages, 1.2MB, PDF

May 23, 2011

Ultrasound Imaging
edited by Masayuki Tanabe, 2011, 210 pages, 41MB, PDF

Quantum Chemistry
by S. M. Blinder, Elvera Baron, 2002, PDF

Principles of Applied Mathematics
by Peter Shor, Daniel Kleitman, 2007, PDF

The Limits of Mathematics
by Gregory J. Chaitin, 2003

May 19, 2011

Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment
National Collaborating Centre for Cancer, 2008, 1144 pages, 6.6MB, PDF

Optoelectronic Devices and Properties
by Oleg Sergiyenko, 2011, 660 pages, 52MB, PDF

The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection
by R. A. Fisher, 1930

Measure Theory
by Lance Miller, 2005, 80 pages, 580KB, PDF

May 18, 2011

Chemistry and Technology of Fertilizers
by Vincent Sauchelli, 1960

Representation Theory of Compact Groups
by Michael Ruzhansky, Ville Turunen, 2008, 135 pages, 560KB, PDF

Residuals and Influence in Regression
by R. Dennis Cook, Sanford Weisberg, 1982, 240 pages, 17MB, PDF

Foundations of Computer Science
by Hans-Peter Bischof, 1998

May 16, 2011

Data Mining Algorithms In R
Wikibooks, 2010

Water Measurement Manual
Reclamation Bureau, 2001, 317 pages, 3.3MB, PDF

Special Course in Functional Analysis: (Non-)Commutative Topology
by Ville Turunen, 2008, 83 pages, 370KB, PDF

The Ocular Circulation
by Jeffrey W. Kiel, 2010, 81 pages, 3.4MB, PDF

May 13, 2011

Reader-friendly Introduction to the Measure Theory
by Vasily Nekrasov, 2009, PDF

Power Quality
edited by Andreas Eberhard, 2011, 362 pages, 27MB, PDF

Lie Groups
by Robert Gilmore, 2007, PDF/PS

Quantum Information Theory
by Renato Renner, 2009, 98 pages, 870KB, PDF

May 11, 2011

Cyberbotics' Robot Curriculum
by Olivier Michel, Fabien Rohrer, Nicolas Heiniger, 2010, 121 pages, 12MB, PDF

Theory of Quantum Information
by John Watrous, 2004, 125 pages, 580KB, PDF

Maternal Control of Development in Vertebrates
by Florence L. Marlow, 2010, 5.1MB, PDF

Quantum Computation
by John Watrous, 2006, 139 pages, 660KB, PDF

May 10, 2011

A First Course on Time Series Analysis with SAS
by Michael Falk at al. 2011, 364 pages, 2.5MB, PDF

Artificial Neural Networks: Methodological Advances and Biomedical Applications
by Kenji Suzuki, 2011, 362 pages, 11MB, PDF

Principles of Communication
by Hema A Murthy, 2008, PDF

Advanced Partial Differential Equations with Applications
by Rodolfo R. Rosales, 2009, PDF

May 6, 2011

Deep Water: The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling
National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, 2011

Advanced Analytic Methods in Science and Engineering
by Hung Cheng, 2004, PDF

An Advanced Course in General Relativity
by Eric Poisson, 2002, 190 pages, 1.5MB, PDF

Advanced Mechanics
by Eric Poisson, 2008, 164 pages, 1.5MB, PDF

May 4, 2011

An Elementary Study of Chemistry
by William Edwards Henderson, 1905

Referral Guidelines for Suspected Cancer in Adults and Children
Royal College of General Practitioners, 2005, 1076 pages, 3.1MB, PDF

Notes on Operator Algebras
by G. Jungman, 1999, 60 pages, 330KB, PDF

A Probability Course for the Actuaries
by Marcel B. Finan, 2011, 517 pages, 2.3MB, PDF

May 3, 2011

Factory Automation
by Javier Silvestre-Blanes, 2010, 612 pages, 17MB, PDF

Effective Action Approach to Quantum Field Theory
by Ivan G. Avramidi, 2001, 90 pages, 450KB, PDF

Introduction to Differential Topology
by Uwe Kaiser, 2006, 110 pages, 580KB, PDF

Wind Turbines
by T. Al-Shemmeri, 2010, 88 pages, 4.1MB, PDF

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