November 30, 2009

Computational Physics
by Angus MacKinnon, 2002

CK-12 Life Science
CK-12 Foundation, 2009

The Physics of Quantum Mechanics
by James Binney, David Skinner, 2008, 278 pages, 2.9MB, PDF

Water Encyclopedia: Science and Issues
Advameg, Inc. 2009

Trends in Commutative Algebra
edited by Luchezar L. Avramov, 2005, 264 pages, PDF

November 27, 2009

An Introduction to Astronomy
by Forest Ray Moulton, 1916

Analysis Tools with Applications
by Bruce K. Driver, 2003, 790 pages, 4.7MB, PDF

Women and Depression: Discovering Hope
The National Institute of Mental Health, 2009

Classical Mechanics
by Robert L. Dewar, 2001, 109 pages, 810KB, PDF

November 26, 2009

Further Mathematical Methods
by Niels Walet, 2002, 79 pages, 800KB, PDF

21st Century Physics Flexbook
by Mark Clemente, at al. 2009, 225 pages, 37MB, PDF

Group theory for Maths, Physics and Chemistry
by Arjeh Cohen, Rosane Ushirobira, Jan Draisma, 2007, 93 pages, PDF

Weather Explained
Advameg, Inc. 2009

November 25, 2009

Biology Reference
Advameg, Inc. 2009

Combinatorial and Computational Geometry
edited by J. E. Goodman, J. Pach, E. Welzl, 2007, 616 pages, PDF

Basic Physics
CK-12 Foundation, 2009, 126 pages, 9.9MB, PDF

Group Theory
by Ferdi Aryasetiawan, 2997, 140 pages, PDF

November 24, 2009

Languages and Machines
by C. D. H. Cooper, 2008, PDF

Lie Theory and Special Functions
by Willard Miller, 1968, 338 pages, PDF

Tabu Search
by Wassim Jaziri, 2008, 278 pages, 14MB, PDF, Source:

Theoretical Physics
by A. S. Kompaneyets, 1961

November 23, 2009

Methods of Mathematical Physics I
by Mark Trodden, 1999, 70 pages, PS/PDF

An Introduction to Solving Engineering Problems with Matlab
by Darryl Morrell, 2009, 71 pages, 790KB, PDF

Enrico Fermi: The Master Scientist
by Jay Orear and others, 2004, 171 pages, 3.8MB, PDF

A Practical Introduction to Numerical Hydrodynamics
by Garrelt Mellema, 2003

Concepts of Calculus
by Christopher Cooper, 2008, PDF

November 20, 2009

Assessing Mathematical Proficiency
by Alan H. Schoenfeld, 2007, 391 pages, PDF

Symmetry Groups and Their Applications
by Willard Miller, 1972, PDF

Kinetics for Bioscientist
by Peter Klappa, 2009, 221 pages, 9.1MB, PDF

Systems Structure and Control
edited by Petr Husek, 2008, 248 pages, 6.7MB, PDF, Source:

Solution Methods In Computational Fluid Dynamics
by T. H. Pulliam, 2005, 90 pages, 1.1MB, PDF

Lectures on Classical Dynamics
by David Tong, 2005, 137 pages, 980KB, PDF

November 19, 2009

Introductory Statistics
by T. H. Wonnacott, R. J. Wonnacott, 1969, 416 pages, 15MB, DJVU

Lectures on the Geometry of Quantization
by Sean Bates, Alan Weinstein, 1997, 134 pages, 720KB, PDF

CK-12 Biology
by B. Akre, J. Brainard, N. Gray-Wilson, D. Wilkin, 2009, 984 pages, 71MB, PDF

An Introduction to Nonassociative Algebras
by Richard D. Schafer, 1961, PDF/TeX

November 18, 2009

The Elements of Mechanics
by Giovanni Gallavotti, 2008, 585 pages, PDF/DJVU

Implementing Functional Languages: a tutorial
by Simon Peyton Jones, David Lester, 2000, 296 pages

The Theory of Languages and Computation
by Jean Gallier and Andy Hicks, 2003, 109 pages, 950KB, PDF

Chemistry Explained: Foundations and Applications
Advameg, Inc. 2009

November 17, 2009

Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications
by Thomas Judson, 2009, 428 pages, 1.5MB, PDF

Control Engineering: An introduction with the use of Matlab
by Derek Atherton, 2009, 155 pages, 4.6MB, PDF

Swarm Intelligence: Focus on Ant and Particle Swarm Optimization
edited by Felix T.S. Chan, Manoj K. Tiwari, 2007, 532 pages, 9.9MB, PDF, Source:

CK-12 Geometry
by V. Cifarelli, A. Gloag, D. Greenberg, J. Sconyers, B. Zahner, 2009, 810 pages, 96MB, PDF

Introduction to the Elementary Functions
by Raymond Benedict McClenon, 1918

November 16, 2009

Quantum Field Theory on Noncommutative Spaces
by Richard J. Szabo, 2003, 111 pages, PS/PDF

From Philosophy to Program Size
by G. J. Chaitin, 2003, 54 pages, PS/PDF

Astronomy of To-day
by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 1910

Dynamics, Ergodic Theory, and Geometry
by Boris Hasselblatt, 2007, 334 pages, PDF

Understanding Computer Simulation
by Roger McHaney, 2009, 172 pages, 4.3MB, PDF

Supply Chain
edited by Vedran Kordic, 2008, 568 pages, 3.5MB, PDF, Source:

November 13, 2009

Recreations in Astronomy
by Henry White Warren

Elementary Calculus
by Frederick S Woods, Frederick H Bailey, 1922

An Elementary Introduction to Groups and Representations
by Brian C. Hall, 2000, 128 pages, 950KB, PDF

Lectures in Theoretical Biophysics
by K. Schulten and I. Kosztin, 2000, 211 pages, 3.1MB, PDF

Quantum Theory at the Crossroads: Reconsidering the 1927 Solvay Conference
by Guido Bacciagaluppi, Antony Valentini, 2009, 553 pages, 2.9MB, PDF

November 12, 2009

Chern-Simons Modified General Relativity
by Stephon Alexander, Nicolas Yunes, 2009, 104 pages, PS/PDF

The Astronomy of the Bible
by E. Walter Maunder, 1908

Laser Fundamentals
by Francois Balembois and Sebastien Forget, 1990

The History of Mathematical Symbols
by Douglas Weaver and Anthony D. Smith

November 11, 2009

Probability, Geometry and Integrable Systems
by Mark Pinsky, Bjorn Birnir, 2007, 428 pages, PDF

Introduction to Reverse Engineering Software
by Mike Perry, Nasko Oskov, UIUC

Micro- and Nano-Transport of Biomolecules
by David Bakewell, 2009, 96 pages, 4.8MB, PDF

Stereo Vision
by Asim Bhatti, 2008, 372 pages, 47MB, PDF, Source:

November 10, 2009

Elementary Trigonometry
by W. E. Paterson, 1911

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
by J. Karl Johnson, 2009, PDF

CK-12 Trigonometry
by Mara Landers, Brenda Meery, 2009, 629 pages, 85MB, PDF

Lessons in Particle Physics
by Luis Anchordoqui, Francis Halzen, 2009, 209 pages, PS/PDF

November 9, 2009

The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery
edited by Tony Hey, Stewart Tansley, Kristin Tolle, 2009, PDF

Games of No Chance 3
by Michael H. Albert, Richard J. Nowakowski, 2009, 586 pages, PDF

Microscopic Theory of Superconductivity
by Helmut Eschrig, 2008, 65 pages, 610KB, PDF

Statistics Exercises
by David Brink, 2008, 58 pages, 3.4MB, PDF

The Analysis of Feedback Systems
by Jan C. Willems, 1971, 7.3MB, PDF

State of the Art in Face Recognition
by Julio Ponce, Adem Karahoca, 2009, 436 pages

November 6, 2009

A Text-book of Astronomy
by George C. Comstock, 1901, 391 pages

Electromagnetic Theory and Computation: A Topological Approach
by Paul W. Gross, P. Robert Kotiuga, 2004, 288 pages, 1.8MB, PDF

CK-12 Single Variable Calculus
by Raja Almukkahal, Victor Cifarelli, Chun-Tak Fan, Louise Jarvis, 2009, 44MB, PDF

Elementary Particle Physics
by Paolo Franzini, 2002, 237 pages, 2.5MB, PDF

Theory of Superconductivity: A Primer
by Helmut Eschrig, 2008, 58 pages, 570KB, PDF

November 5, 2009

Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering - Worked Examples
by Rafael Kandiyoti, 2009, 41 pages, 3.5MB, PDF

Speech Recognition
edited by France Mihelic, Janez Zibert, 2008, 550 pages, 35MB, PDF, Source:

Practical Astronomy
by George L. Hosmer, 1925

Who Survives Cancer?
by Howard P. Greenwald, 1992

November 4, 2009

The Nature of Space and Time
by Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, 1994, 61 pages, PDF

Differential Geometry (and Relativity)
by Bob Gardner, 2000, PDF/PS/DVI

When A Doctor Hates A Patient: And Other Chapters in a Young Physician's Life
by Richard E. Peschel and Enid Rhodes Peschel, 1986

CK-12 Chemistry
by S. Bewick, J. Edge, T. Forsythe, R. Parsons, 2009, 966 pages, 51MB, PDF

Earth Online: An Internet Guide for Earth Science
by Michael Ritter, 1997, PDF

November 3, 2009

Topology and Geometry for Physics
by H. Eschrig, 2008, 298, 2.2MB, PDF

Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering
by Rafael Kandiyoti, 2009, 112 pages, 4.2MB, PDF

Simulated Annealing
by Cher Ming Tan, 2008, 420 pages, 33MB, PDF, Source:

The Canterbury Puzzles and Other Curious Problems
by Henry Ernest Dudeney, 1919

November 2, 2009

Special Relativity and Geometry
by C. E. Harle, R. Bianconi, 1999, 70 pages, 540KB, PS

Lecture Notes in General Relativity
by Sergiu Klainerman, 380KB, PDF

High-Temperature Superconductivity
by Peter J. Hirschfeld, 1996, PS

Understanding Heart Disease
by Arthur Selzer, 1992

Contemporary management of acute ST elevation myocardial infarction
by Arntz, Danchin, Goldstein, Huber, 2009, 114 pages, 1.7MB, PDF

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