November 29, 2011

National Collaborating Centre for Acute Care, 2009, 542 pp, 14MB, PDF

Hematology I
U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School, 2003, 232 pp, 11MB, PDF

Vector Analysis and the Theory of Relativity
by Francis Dominic Murnaghan, 1922

Commutative Algebra
by Keerthi Madapusi, 2007, 177 pp, 1.1MB, PDF

November 28, 2011

Lecture Notes on Quantum Brownian Motion
by Laszlo Erdos, 2010, 92 pp, 890KB, PDF

Introduction to Crystallography and Mineral Crystal Systems
by Mike Howard, Darcy Howard, 1998

Food Allergy: An Overview
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, 2010, 40 pp, 5.6MB, PDF

A Primer of Commutative Algebra
by J.S. Milne, 2011, 75 pp, 690KB, PDF

November 25, 2011

Path Integrals in Quantum Theories: A Pedagogic First Step
by Robert D. Klauber, 2011

Explore the Mystery of Blood
Scholastic Inc. 2011, 31 pp, 1.1MB, PDF

Atomic Physics
by Wim Ubachs, 2001

Quantitative Chemical Analysis
by T. E. Thorpe, 1891

November 24, 2011

Planetary Science: A Lunar Perspective
by Stuart Ross Taylor, 1982, 69MB, PDF

Lectures on Atomic Physics
by Walter R. Johnson, 2006, 262 pp, 1.3MB, PDF

by Marieke Postma, 2009, 53 pp, 770KB, PDF

Notes for an Introductory Course on Electrical Machines and Drives
by E. G. Strangas, 2005, 132 pp, 2.3MB, PDF

November 22, 2011

To a Rocky Moon: A Geologist's History of Lunar Exploration
by Don E. Wilhelms, 1993, 524 pp, 190MB, PDF

Tuberculosis: Practical Guide
edited by F. Varaine, M. Henkens, V. Grouzard, 2010, 164 pp, 880KB, PDF

Numerical Methods for Large Eigenvalue Problems
by Yousef Saad, 2011, 285 pp, 2.2MB, PDF

Hepatitis C Treatment
edited by Cernescu, Ruta, Gheorghe, Iacob, Popescu, Wanless , 2011, 113 pp, 810KB, PDF

November 18, 2011

Statistical Mechanics and the Physics of the Many-Particle Model Systems
by A. L. Kuzemsky, 2011, 78 pp, 750KB, PDF

Introduction to Commutative Algebra
by Thomas J. Haines, 2005, 87 pp, 730KB, PDF

Recursion Theory
by Frank Stephan, 2009, 125 pp, 610KB, PDF

Preventive Medicine, Integrative Medicine and the Health of the Public
by David L. Katz, Ather Ali, 2009, 45 pp, 230KB, PDF

November 16, 2011

Classical and Modern Optics
by Daniel A. Steck, 2010, 276 pp, 34MB, PDF

Path Integral Methods and Applications
by Richard MacKenzie, 2000, 55 pp, 440KB, PDF

Commutative Algebra
by Pete L. Clark, 2011, 264 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

Molecular Physics
by Wim Ubachs, 2004, 72 pp, 860KB, PDF

November 14, 2011

Homological Conjectures
by Tom Marley, Laura Lynch, 2010, 56 pp, 810KB, PDF

Lectures on Commutative Algebra
by Sudhir R. Ghorpade, 2006, 64 pp, 480KB, PDF

Paediatric Surgery: A Comprehensive Text For Africa
edited by Emmanuel Ameh, et al. 2010, PDF

The Cerebral Circulation
by Marilyn J. Cipolla, 2010, 70 pp, 3.5MB, PDF

November 11, 2011

Nonlinear Physics (Solitons, Chaos, Localization)
by Nikos Theodorakopoulos, 2006, 181 pp, 8MB, PDF

Lectures On Approximation By Polynomials
by J.G. Burkill, 1959, 75 pp, 310KB, PDF

Yang Mills model of interacting particles in the classical field theory
by Jean Claude Dutailly, 2011, 187 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

Advanced Breast Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment
National Collaborating Centre for Cancer, 2009, 122 pp, 3MB, PDF

November 10, 2011

by George Hartley Bryan, 1907, 232 pp

Statistical Mechanics Notes
by Jed Rembold, 2011, 103 pp, 1.1MB, PDF

DNA Replication: Current Advances
edited by Herve Seligmann, 2011, 694 pp, 31MB, PDF

Geometry of Manifolds
by Denis Auroux, 2007, PDF

November 8, 2011

A Short Course on Approximation Theory
by N. L. Carothers, 2009, 159 pp, 780KB, PDF

Capillary Fluid Exchange: Regulation, Functions, and Pathology
by J. Scallan, V. H. Huxley, R. J. Korthuis, 2010, 94 pp, 1.4MB, PDF

The First Book of Trees
by Maribelle Cormack, 1951

A-level Physics (Advancing Physics)
Wikibooks, 2011, 240 pp, 11MB, PDF

November 7, 2011

Lecture Notes in Statistical Mechanics and Mesoscopics
by Doron Cohen, 2011, 119 pp, 1.1MB, PDF

Synthetic Geometry of Manifolds
by Anders Kock, 2009, 314 pp, 1.9MB, PDF

Numerical Analysis for Engineering
by Douglas W. Harder, Richard Khoury, 2010

Cells: Molecules and Mechanisms
Axolotl Academic Publishing Co. 2010, PDF

November 4, 2011

Light and Matter
by Benjamin Crowell, 2011, 900 pp, 57MB, PDF

Numerical Analysis: Theory and Application
edited by Jan Awrejcewicz, 2011, 626 pp, 34MB, PDF

Arthrogryposis: A Text Atlas
by Lynn Staheli, et al. 1998, 187 pp, 4.5MB, PDF

Cosmos and Culture: Cultural Evolution in a Cosmic Context
edited by Steven J. Dick, Mark L. Lupisella, 2010, 612 pp, 3.9MB, PDF

November 1, 2011

The Life of Pi: From Archimedes to Eniac and Beyond
by Jonathan M. Borwein, 2010, 29 pp, 5.4MB, PDF

Breast Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment
by Robyn Dewis, Jonathan Gribbin, 2009, 46 pp, 430KB, PDF

Minor and Emergency Surgery
by Walter Taylor Dannreuther, 1911

Linear Algebra
by Peter Petersen, 2007, 300 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

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