October 31, 2011

Geometry of Manifolds
by Tomasz Mrowka, 2004, PDF

An Introduction to Celestial Mechanics
by Richard Fitzpatrick, 2011, 216 pp, 2.2MB, PDF

Thermodynamics and Chemistry
by Howard DeVoe, 2011, 531 pp, 8.7MB, PDF

The Experimental Mathematician: The Pleasure of Discovery and the Role of Proof
by Jonathan M. Borwein, 2004, 34 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

October 28, 2011

The HELP Guide To Cerebral Palsy
by Nadire Berker, Selim Yalcin, 2010, 148 pp, 7.8MB, PDF

Manifold Theory
by Peter Petersen, 2010, 77 pp, 1MB, PDF

Advances in Modern Cosmology
edited by Adnan Ghribi, 2011, 198 pp, 4.2MB, PDF

Modeling Flight
by Joseph R. Chambers, 2010

October 27, 2011

Continuous Distributions
by Leif Mejlbro, 2009, 167 pp, 3.5MB, PDF

An Introduction to String Theory
by James Bedford, 2011, 101 pp, 700KB, PDF

edited by Ignacio Martin-Loeches, 2011, 190 pp, 18MB, PDF

General Covariance and the Foundations of General Relativity
by John D Norton, 1993, 71 pp, 460KB, PDF

October 26, 2011

Are We Alone?
by Gregg Easterbrook, 1988

Hand Atlas of Human Anatomy
by Werner Spalteholz, 1900

Topics in Algebraic Topology: The Sullivan Conjecture
by Jacob Lurie, 2007, PDF

The Galactic Habitable Zone I. Galactic Chemical Evolution
by G. Gonzalez, D. Brownlee, P. Ward, 2001, 57 pp, 340KB, PDF

October 25, 2011

General Relativity Notes
by Edmund Bertschinger, 1999, PDF

Gene Therapy: Developments and Future Perspectives
edited by Chunsheng Kang, 2011, 356 pp, 8.3MB, PDF

Valuations and Hyperbolicity in Dynamics
by Thomas Ward, 2001, 58 pp, 590KB, PDF

Materials of Engineering Construction
by Clement T Wiskocil, 1922

October 21, 2011

Traces of Catastrophe
by Bevan M French, 1998, 120 pp, 20MB, PDF

An Introduction to Plasma Physics
by Alan Wootton, 1997, PDF

Ultra Wideband Communications: Novel Trends - System, Architecture and Implementation edited by Mohammad Matin, 2011, 348 pp, 16MB, PDF

Statistical Genetics and Evolution of Quantitative Traits
by Richard A. Neher, Boris I. Shraiman, 2011, 23 pp, 840KB, PDF

October 19, 2011

Entropy of Compact Group Automorphisms
by Thomas Ward, 2001, 84 pp, PDF

Introduction to Algebraic Topology and Algebraic Geometry
by U. Bruzzo, 2008, 138 pp, 730KB, PDF

Advances in Satellite Communications
edited by Masoumeh Karimi, Yuri Labrador, 2011, 194 pp, 8.9MB, PDF

Elementary Symbolic Dynamics and Chaos in Dissipative Systems
by Bai-Lin Hao, 1989, 475 pp, 20MB, PDF

October 17, 2011

Certified Programming with Dependent Types
by Adam Chlipala, 2011, 371 pp, 3.9MB, PDF

Anxiety Disorders
edited by Vladimir Kalinin, 2011, 324 pp, 4.5MB, PDF

Carbon Nanotubes: Applications on Electron Devices
edited by Jose Mauricio Marulanda, 2011, 556 pp, 66MB, PDF

Lectures on Lipschitz Analysis
by Juha Heinonen, 2005, 77 pp, 470KB, PDF

October 14, 2011

Butterflies Worth Knowing
by Clarence M. Weed, 1922

Postnatal Care: Routine Postnatal Care of Women and Their Babies
by Demott K, et al., 2006, 393 pp, 1MB, PDF

Chemistry, Emission Control, Radioactive Pollution and Indoor Air Quality
edited by Nicolas Mazzeo, 2011, 680 pp, 26MB, PDF

Clinical Hematology
by J. C. Da Costa, 1907

October 12, 2011

On Riemann's Theory of Algebraic Functions and their Integrals
by Felix Klein, 1893, 128 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

First Aid
US Army Medical Department, 2002, 224 pp, 2.3MB, PDF

Selected Chapters in the Calculus of Variations
by Juergen Moser, 2003, 140 pp, 8.7MB, PDF

Functional Analysis Lecture Notes
by T.B. Ward, 2001, 73 pp, 520KB, PDF

October 10, 2011

Analytic Number Theory
by Kiran Kedlaya, 2007, PDF

Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes with Applications
by Oliver Knill, 2009, 382 pp, 27MB, PDF

Lectures on Numerical Analysis
by Dennis Deturck, Herbert S. Wilf, 2002, 125 pp, 630KB, PDF

Transportation Economics
by D. Levinson, D. Gillen, M. Iacono, 2011

October 7, 2011

Why, and How, Should Geologists Use Compositional Data Analysis
by Ricardo A. Valls, 2008, 58 pp, 3.7MB, PDF

Lectures on On Mean Periodic Functions
by J.P. Kahane, 1959, 165 pp, 840KB, PDF

Rogue Waters
by A. Slunyaev, I. Didenkulova, E. Pelinovsky, 2011, 51 pp, 4.9MB, PDF

Therapies for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
by Zachary Warren, et al. 2011, 908 pp, 5.7MB, PDF

October 6, 2011

by E. Rabinowitch, Govindjee, 1970, PDF

Cellular Automata
edited by S. Bandini, B. Chopard, M. Tomassini, 2002, 379 pp, 8.3MB, PDF

Biology of the NMDA Receptor
edited by Antonius M Van Dongen, 2009

Probability, Statistics and Stochastic Processes
by Cosma Rohilla Shalizi, 2001, 71 pp

October 4, 2011

Introduction to Dynamical Systems: A Hands-on Approach with Maxima
by Jaime E. Villate, 2006, 450KB, PDF

Conditional Rate Distortion Theory
by Robert M. Gray, 1972, 30 pp, 1.1MB, PDF

The Photosynthesis of Carbon Compounds
by Melvin Calvin, James Alan Bassham, 1962

Introduction to Lie Groups
by Sigurdur Helgason, 2004, 148 pp, PDF

October 3, 2011

Bioinformatics in Tropical Disease Research
edited by Arthur Gruber, et al. 2008

Lectures on Lie Groups and Representations of Locally Compact Groups
by F. Bruhat, 1958, 140 pp, 610KB, PDF

In Vivo Optical Imaging of Brain Function
edited by Ron D Frostig, 2009

Monotone Dynamical Systems
by M.W. Hirsch, Hal Smith, 2004, 136 pp, 780KB, PDF

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