October 31, 2012

Think Bayes: Bayesian Statistics Made Simple
by Allen B. Downey, 2012, 77 pp, 350KB, PDF

Understanding Quantum Measurement from the Solution of Dynamical Models
by A.E. Allahverdyan, R. Balian, T.M. Nieuwenhuizen, 2012, 187 pp, 2.4MB, PDF

by Krassimir Metodiev, 2012, 392 pp, 6.1MB, PDF

Geometric Wave Equations
by Stefan Waldmann, 2012, 279 pp, 3.5MB, PDF

October 29, 2012

Introductory Chemistry
by David W. Ball, 2011

Path Integrals in Quantum Physics
by R. Rosenfelder, 2012, 183 pp, 1.9MB, PDF

Digital Circuits
Wikibooks, 2012

Quantum Einstein Gravity
by Martin Reuter, Frank Saueressig, 2012, 87 pp, 720KB, PDF

October 26, 2012

The Neurobiological Basis of Suicide
by Yogesh Dwivedi, 2012

The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
by David W. Ball, John W. Hill, Rhonda J. Scott, 2011

Solar Neutrinos
by V. Antonelli, L. Miramonti, C. Pena-Garay, A. Serenelli, 2012, 51 pp, 4MB, PDF

Gravitational Waves: Sources, Detectors and Searches
by Keith Riles, 2012, 79 pp, 3.3MB, PDF

October 24, 2012

Antimicrobial Resistance: Issues and Options
edited by P.F. Harrison, J. Lederberg, 1998, 128 pp, 810KB, PDF

Elements of Supersymmetry
by Kevin Cahill, 2001, 80 pp, 380KB, PDF

Notes on Combinatorics
by Peter J. Cameron, 2007, 130 pp, 440KB, PDF

Solid Mechanics
by James R. Rice, 2010, 89 pp, 8.9MB, PDF

October 22, 2012

Data Compression
Wikibooks, 2011

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Cosmological Constant Problem
by Jerome Martin, 2012, 89 pp, 1.3MB, PDF

Aircraft Propulsion: a review of the evolution of aircraft piston engines
by C. Fayette Taylor, 1971, 148 pp, 6.4MB, PDF

Recent Advances in Crystallography
edited by Jason B. Benedict, 2012, 312 pp, 19MB, PDF

October 19, 2012

The First Stars
by Simon C. O. Glover, 2012, 72 pp, 860KB, PDF

Quantum Optics
by Stanislaw Kryszewski, 2010, 237 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

From Disks to Planets
by Andrew N. Youdin, Scott J. Kenyon, 2012, 70 pp, 1.3MB, PDF

Evaluating Human Genetic Diversity
National Research Council (US) Committee on Human Genome Diversity, 1997

October 17, 2012

Category Theory for Computing Science
by Michael Barr, Charles Wells, 1998, 544 pp, 2.1MB, PDF

Hyperbolic Geometry
by J.W. Cannon, W.J. Floyd, R. Kenyon, W.R. Parry, 1997, 57 pp, 570KB, PDF

Regulation of Tissue Oxygenation
by Roland N. Pittman, 2011

A Course in Combinatorial Optimization
by Alexander Schrijver, 2012, 221 pp, 1.4MB, PDF

October 15, 2012

An Introduction into the Theory of Cosmological Structure Formation
by Christian Knobel, 2012, 102 pp, 2.1MB, PDF

An Episodic History of Mathematics
by Steven G. Krantz, 2006, 483 pp, 1.6MB, PDF

Text-Book of Theorectical Naval Architecture
by Edward Lewis Attwood, 1917

Iterative Methods in Combinatorial Optimization
by Lap Chi Lau, R. Ravi, M. Singh, 2011, 229 pp, 1MB, PDF

October 12, 2012

Blood Cell: An Overview of Studies in Hematology
edited by Terry E. Moschandreou, 2012, 350 pp, 13MB, PDF

Programming on Parallel Machines
by Norm Matloff, 2012, 410 pp, 2.5MB, PDF

Advanced Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization
by Alexander Schrijver, 64 pp, 430KB, PDF

Computability and Complexity
Wikibooks, 2010

October 10, 2012

Ocular Diseases
edited by Adedayo Adio, 2012, 186 pp, 8.9MB, PDF

Compiler Construction
Wikibooks, 2011

Between Zeus and the Salmon: The Biodemography of Longevity
edited by Kenneth W. Wachter, 1997

Clay Minerals in Nature: Their Characterization, Modification and Application
edited by M. Valaskova, G.S. Martynkova, 2012, 312 pp, 16MB, PDF

October 8, 2012

Communication Networks
by Anish Arkatkar, et al., 2012

18 Lectures on K-Theory
by Ioannis P. Zois, 2010, 137 pp, 580KB, PDF

Genome-Based Therapeutics: Targeted Drug Discovery and Development
Publisher: National Academies Press, 2012, 89 pp, 940KB, PDF

Advancing Desalination
edited by Robert Y. Ning, 2012, 216 pp, 18MB, PDF

October 5, 2012

Gems and Gem Minerals
by Oliver C. Farrington, 1903

Electric Drive Systems and Operation
by Valery Vodovozov, 2012, 102 pp, 3.5MB, PDF

Stochastic Dynamics in Systems Biology
by V. Wolf, P. Crouzen, 2010, 67 pp, 650KB, PDF

Protein Phosphorylation in Human Health
edited by Cai Huang, 2012, 466 pp, 16MB, PDF

October 3, 2012

Microwave Filters, Impedance-Matching Networks, and Coupling Structures
by G. Matthaei, E.M.T. Jones, L. Young, 1963, PDF

Foundations of Databases
by Serge Abiteboul, Richard Hull, Victor Vianu, 1994, 678 pp, 3MB, PDF

A short course on Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
by A. K. Chaudhuri, 2012, 123 pp, 1.7MB, PDF

Classical Mechanics
Wikibooks, 2012

October 1, 2012

Spherical Harmonics in p Dimensions
by Christopher Frye, Costas J. Efthimiou, 2012, 95 pp, 790KB, PDF

Biomedical Engineering: Technical Applications in Medicine
edited by R. Hudak, M. Penhaker, J. Majernik, 2012, 420 pp, 24MB, PDF

Compiler Design: Theory, Tools, and Examples
by Seth D. Bergmann, 2010, 284 pp, 880KB, PDF

Cellular Automata
Wikibooks, 2010

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