Abstract Algebra Books

A. N. Whitehead's Geometric Algebra
by Stephen Blake, 2005, 280 pages, 1.2MB, PDF

Abstract Algebra
by John A. Beachy, William D. Blair, 2006

Abstract Algebra
Wikibooks, 2012

Abstract Algebra Done Concretely
by Donu Arapura, 2004, 103 pages, 550KB, PDF

Abstract Algebra for Polynomial Operations
by Maya Mohsin Ahmed, 2009, 210 pp, 700KB, PDF

Abstract Algebra I
by Marcel B. Finan, 2004, PDF

Abstract Algebra: The Basic Graduate Year
by Robert B. Ash, 2002, PDF

Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications
by Thomas Judson, 2009, 428 pages, 1.5MB, PDF

Advanced Algebra
by Anthony W. Knapp, 2016, 758 pp, 10MB, PDF

Algebra: A Computational Introduction
by John Scherk, 2000, 419 pages, 1.8MB, PDF

Algebra: Abstract and Concrete
by Frederick M. Goodman, 2006, 585 pages, 5.9MB, PDF

The Algebra of Invariants
by J.H. Grace, A. Young, 1903, 404 pp, multiple formats

Algebraic Equations
by George Ballard Mathews, 1907

Algebraic Groups and Discontinuous Subgroups
by Armand Borel, George D. Mostow, 1966, 426 pages, 27MB, PDF

Algebraic Groups, Lie Groups, and their Arithmetic Subgroups
by J. S. Milne, 2010, 383 pages, 3.4MB, PDF

Algebraic Invariants
by Leonard E. Dickson, 1914, 122 pp, multiple formats

Algebraic Methods
by F. Oggier, 2010, 129 pp, 850KB, PDF

The Algebraic Theory of Modular Systems
by Francis Sowerby Macaulay, 1916, 140 pp, PDF

Algorithmic Algebra
by Bhubaneswar Mishra, 1993, 425 pages, 2.3MB, PDF

Applied Geometric Algebra
by Laszlo Tisza, 2008, PDF

Basic Algebra
by Anthony W. Knapp, 2016, 762 pp, 9MB, PDF

Basics of Algebra and Analysis For Computer Science
by Jean Gallier, 2007, 254 pages, PDF

by Alun Wyn-jones, 2008, 149 pages, PDF

The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups
by Daniel Gorenstein, Richard Lyons, Ronald Solomon, 1994, 176 pages, 1.2MB, PDF

Clifford Algebra, Geometric Algebra, and Applications
by Douglas Lundholm, Lars Svensson, 2009, 117 pages, 960KB, PDF

Cohomology, Connections, Curvature and Characteristic Classes
by David Mond, 2006, 66 pages, 480KB, PDF

Combinatorial Group Theory
by Charles F. Miller III, 2004, 99 pages, 490KB, PDF

Commutative Algebra
by Jacob Lurie, Akhil Mathew, 2010, 172 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

Commutative Algebra
by Keerthi Madapusi, 2007, 177 pp, 1.1MB, PDF

Commutative Algebra
by Pete L. Clark, 2011, 369 pp, 1.9MB, PDF

Commutative Algebra
Wikibooks, 2016, 204 pp, online html

Commutator Theory for Congruence Modular Varieties
by Ralph Freese, Ralph McKenzie, 1987, 174 pages, 1.2MB, PDF

Complex Multiplication
by J. S. Milne, 2006, 113 pages, 930KB, PDF

A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra
by Victor Shoup, 2005, 534 pages, 3.5MB, PDF

Congruence Lattices of Finite Algebras
by William DeMeo, 2012, 130 pp, 980KB, PDF

Congruences, Polynomials, and Group Theory
by William Chen, 2008, PDF

The Construction and Study of Certain Important Algebras
by Claude Chevalley, 1955, 80 pp, multiple formats

A Course In Commutative Algebra
by Robert B. Ash, 2006, PDF

A Course in Universal Algebra
by S. Burris, H.P. Sankappanavar, 1982, 331 pages, 1.2MB, PDF

Determinantal Rings
by Winfried Bruns, Udo Vetter, 1988, 244 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

Dualities for Lie superalgebras
by un-Jen Cheng, Weiqiang Wang, 2010, 41 pages, 460KB, PDF

E "Infinite" Ring Spaces and E "Infinite" Ring Spectra
by J. P. May, 1977, 280 pages, 8.9MB, PDF

Elementary Abstract Algebra
by W. Edwin Clark, 2001, 105 pages, 0.5MB, PDF

An Elementary Introduction to Group Theory
by M. E. Charkani, 2018, 47 pp, 500KB, PDF

An Elementary Introduction to Groups and Representations
by Brian C. Hall, 2000, 128 pages, 950KB, PDF

Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra
by Edwin H. Connell, 2004, 146 pages, 0.6MB, PDF

Elements of Group Theory
by F. J. Yndurain, 2007, 65 pages, 580KB, PDF

The Elements of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers
by Legh Wilber Reid, 1910, 488 pp, multiple formats

Fields and Galois Theory
by J. S. Milne, 2008, 111 pages, 940KB, PDF

Finite Group Representations for the Pure Mathematician
by Peter Webb, 2007, 183 pages, DVI/PS/PDF

Finite Group Schemes
by Richard Pink, 2005, 78 pages, 550KB, PDF

Finite Rank Torsion Free Modules Over Dedekind Domains
by E. Lee Lady, 1998, PDF

Frobenius Splittings and B-Modules
by Wilberd van der Kallen, 1993, 112 pp, 5.1MB, PDF

Frobenius Splitting in Commutative Algebra
by Karen E. Smith, Wenliang Zhang, 2014, 53 pp, 580KB, PDF

Functorial Semantics of Algebraic Theories
by F. William Lawvere, 2004, 122 pages, DVI/PS/PDF

Galois Groups and Fundamental Groups
edited by Leila Schneps, 2003, 467 pages, PDF

Galois Theory
by Christopher Cooper, 2009, 86 pages, PDF

Galois Theory
by Miles Reid, 2004, 89 pages, 470KB, PDF

Galois Theory: Lectures Delivered at the University of Notre Dame
by Emil Artin, 1971, 96 pp, multiple PDF files

Generic Polynomials: Constructive Aspects of the Inverse Galois Problem
by C. U. Jensen, A. Ledet, N. Yui, 2002, 268 pages, 1.8MB, PDF

Geometric Models for Noncommutative Algebra
by Ana Cannas da Silva, Alan Weinstein, 1998, 194 pages, 3.3MB, PDF

Geometry and Group Theory
by Christopher Pope, 2008, 181 pages, 1MB, PDF

Graduate Algebra
by Leonard Evens, 1999, PDF

Grassmann Algebra
by John Browne, 2001, PDF

Group Characters, Symmetric Functions, and the Hecke Algebra
by David M. Goldschmidt, 1993, 73 pages, 4.3MB, PDF

Group Theory
by J. S. Milne, 2009, 127 pages, 950KB, PDF

Group Theory: Birdtracks, Lie's, and Exceptional Groups
by Predrag Cvitanovic, 2008, 285 pages, 6MB, PDF

Group theory for Maths, Physics and Chemistry
by Arjeh Cohen, Rosane Ushirobira, Jan Draisma, 2007, 93 pages, PDF

Groupoids and Smarandache Groupoids
by W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, 2002, 115 pages, 570KB, PDF

Groups and Semigroups: Connections and Contrasts
by John Meakin, 2005, 40 pp, 360KB, PDF

Groups Around Us
by Pavel Etingof, 2018, 25 pp, 250KB, PDF

Groups as Graphs
by W. B. V. Kandasamy, F. Smarandache, 2009, 170 pages, 1.3MB, PDF

Groups: Presentations and Representations
by Christopher Cooper, 2008, PDF

H Ring Spectra and Their Applications
by R. R. Bruner, J. P. May, J. E. McClure, M. Steinberger, 1986, 27MB, PDF

Hilbert Spaces and Operators on Hilbert Spaces
by Leif Mejlbro, 2009, 109 pages, 3.3MB, PDF

Holomorphic Spaces
edited by Sheldon Axler, John McCarthy, and Donald Sarason, 1998, PDF

Homogeneous Spaces and Equivariant Embeddings
by Dmitri A. Timashev, 2006, 250 pages, 2.3MB, PDF

Homological Conjectures
by Tom Marley, Laura Lynch, 2010, 56 pp, 810KB, PDF

The Homology of Iterated Loop Spaces
by F. R. Cohen, T. J. Lada, P. J. May, 1976, 251 pages, 15MB, PDF

Hopf Algebras in General and in Combinatorial Physics: a practical introduction
by G.H.E. Duchamp, et al., 2008, 40 pp, 480KB, PDF

Hopf Algebras, Quantum Groups and Yang-Baxter Equations
by Florin Felix Nichita (ed.), 2019, 240 pp, 4.1MB, PDF

Infinite-dimensional Lie Algebras
by Iain Gordon, 2009, 55 pages, 780KB, PDF

Interval Groupoids
by W. B. V. Kandasamy, F. Smarandache, M. K. Chetry, 2010, 240 pages, 730KB, PDF

Intro to Abstract Algebra
by Paul Garrett, 1998, 200 pages, 1.2MB, PDF

Introduction to Abstract Algebra
by D. S. Malik, John N. Mordeson, M.K. Sen, 2007, 276 pp, 2.2MB, PDF

An introduction to Algebra and Topology
by Pierre Schapira, 2012, 78 pp, 480KB, PDF

Introduction to Arithmetic Groups
by Dave Witte Morris, 2009, 308 pages, 2.3MB, PDF

Introduction to Commutative Algebra
by Thomas J. Haines, 2005, 87 pp, 730KB, PDF

An Introduction to Group Theory: Applications to Mathematical Music Theory
by Flor Aceff-Sanchez, et al., 2013, 165 pp, 3.9MB, PDF

Introduction to Groups, Invariants and Particles
by Frank W. K. Firk, 2000, 162 pages, 0.4MB, PDF

An Introduction to K-theory
by Eric M. Friedlander, 2007, 78 pages, 1.2MB, PDF

An Introduction to K-theory and Cyclic Cohomology
by Jacek Brodzki, 1996, 115 pages, 790KB, PDF

Introduction to Lie Groups, Adjoint Action and Some Generalizations
by Marcos M. Alexandrino, Renato G. Bettiol, 2009, 125 pages, 1MB, PDF

Introduction to Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
by Alexander Kirillov, 2010, 136 pages, 1MB, PDF

An Introduction to Nonassociative Algebras
by Richard D. Schafer, 1961, PDF/TeX

An introduction to Noncommutative Projective Geometry
by D. Rogalski, 2014, 55 pp, 610KB, PDF

Introduction to Representation Theory
by Fiona Murnaghan, 2010, 73 pages, 460KB, PDF

Introduction to Representation Theory
by by Pavel Etingof, at al. 2009, 99 pages, 590KB, PDF

Introduction to Representations of Real Semisimple Lie Groups
by Matvei Libine, 2012, 132 pp, 690KB, PDF

An Introduction to the Algebra of Quantics
by E.B. Elliott, 1913, 444 pp, multiple formats

An Introduction to the Lie Theory of One-Parameter Groups
by Abraham Cohen, 1911, 276 pp, multiple formats

An Introduction to the Theory of Groups of Finite Order
by Harold Hilton, 1908, 260 pp, multiple formats

Introduction to Twisted Commutative Algebras
by Steven V Sam, Andrew Snowden, 2012, 56 pp, 620KB, PDF

Introduction to Vertex Algebras
by Christophe Nozaradan, 2008, 94 pages, 700KB, PDF

An Invitation to General Algebra and Universal Constructions
by George M. Bergman, 1998, 398 pages, PS

Jacobi Operators and Complete Integrable Nonlinear Lattices
by Gerald Teschl, 1999, 369 pages, 2.6MB, PDF

Jordan Operator Algebras
by Harald Hanche-Olsen, Erling Stormer, 1984

The K-book: An introduction to algebraic K-theory
by Charles Weibel, 2008, PDF/DVI

Langlands Correspondence for Loop Groups
by Edward Frenkel, 2007, 393 pages, 1.9MB, PDF

Lecture Notes on Motivic Cohomology
by Carlo Mazza, Vladimir Voevodsky, Charles Weibel, 2005, 228 pages, 1.6MB, PDF

Lectures on Algebraic Groups
by Alexander Kleshchev, 2005, 166, 760KB, PDF

Lectures on Commutative Algebra
by Sudhir R. Ghorpade, 2006, 64 pp, 480KB, PDF

Lectures on Field Theory and Ramification Theory
by Sudhir R. Ghorpade, 1995, 36 pages

Lectures On Galois Cohomology of Classical Groups
by M. Kneser, 1969, 212 pp, 690KB, PDF

Lectures on Quadratic Forms
by C.L. Siegel, 1957, 170 pages, 790KB, PDF

Lectures On Quadratic Jordan Algebras
by N. Jacobson, 1969, 134 pp, 760KB, PDF

Lectures on Representation Theory and Invariant Theory
by William Crawley-Boevey, 1990, 77 pages, 240KB, PDF

Lectures on Representations of Complex Semi-Simple Lie Groups
by Thomas J. Enright, 1981, 94 pp, 470KB, PDF

Lectures on Semi-group Theory and its Application to Cauchy's Problem in Partial Differential Equations by K. Yosida, 1957, 160 pages, 600KB, PDF

Lectures on Some Aspects of p-Adic Analysis
by F. Bruhat, 1963, 147 pp, 670KB, PDF

Lectures on the Algebraic Theory of Fields
by K.G. Ramanathan, 1956, 228 pages, 930KB, PDF

Lectures on Topics In The Theory of Infinite Groups
by B.H. Neumann, 1960, 200 pp, 760KB, PDF

Lectures On Unique Factorization Domains
by P. Samuel, 1964, 68 pp, 390KB, PDF

Lie Algebras
by Shlomo Sternberg, 2004, 198 pages, 0.9MB, PDF

Lie groups and Lie algebras
by Nicolai Reshetikhin, Vera Serganova and Richard Borcherds, 2007, 1.5MB, PDF

New Directions in Hopf Algebras
edited by Susan Montgomery and Hans-Juergen Schneider, 2002, PDF

Noncommutative Rings
by Michael Artin, 1999, 103 pages, 630KB, PDF

Notes on Algebraic Structures
by Peter J. Cameron, 2006, 102 pp, 570KB, PDF

Notes on Classical Groups
by Peter J. Cameron, 2000, 96 pages, 340KB, PDF

Notes on Galois Theory
by Mark Reeder, 2012, 66 pp, 520KB, PDF

Notes on Operator Algebras
by G. Jungman, 1999, 60 pages, 330KB, PDF

On Lie Algebras Of Prime Characteristic
by George B. Seligman, 1956, 93 pp, multiple formats

Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics, Volume 2
by Ola Bratteli and Derek W. Robinson, 2003, PDF

Philosophy and Fun of Algebra
by Mary Everest Boole, 1891, 56 pages, 270KB, PDF

Polynomials and the Steenrod Algebra
by Grant Walker, Reg Wood, 2010, 121 pages, 900KB, PDF

A Primer of Commutative Algebra
by J.S. Milne, 2011, 75 pp, 690KB, PDF

Progress in Commutative Algebra 2: Closures, Finiteness and Factorization
by Christopher Francisco, et al., 2012, 315 pp, multiple PDF files

Quantum loop algebras, quiver varieties, and cluster algebras
by Bernard Leclerc, 2011, PDF

Reasonable Basic Algebra
by Alain Schremmer, 2008, 272 pages, 18.4MB, PDF

Representation Theory of Compact Groups
by Michael Ruzhansky, Ville Turunen, 2008, 135 pages, 560KB, PDF

Representations of Reductive p-adic Groups
by Fiona Murnaghan, 2009, 128 pages, 660KB, PDF

Semi-Simple Lie Algebras and Their Representations
by Robert N. Cahn, 1984

Set Theoretic Approach to Algebraic Structures in Mathematics
by W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, Florentin Smarandache, 2013, 168 pp, 2.3MB, PDF

Smarandache Loops
by W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, 2002, 129 pages, 750KB, PDF

Smarandache Near-rings
by W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, 2002, 201 pages, 1.2MB, PDF

Smarandache Rings
by W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, 2002, 222 pages, 1.1MB, PDF

Smarandache Semigroups
by W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, 2002, 95 pages, 500KB, PDF

Smarandache Semirings, Semifields and Semivector Spaces
by W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, 2002, 122 pages, 700KB, PDF

Some Graded Lie Algebra Structures Associated with Lie Algebras and Lie Algebroids
by Qunfeng Yang, 1999, 100 pages, 3.9MB, PDF

The Structure of Finite Algebras
by David Hobby, Ralph McKenzie, 1988, PDF

Symplectic Reflection Algebras
by Gwyn Bellamy, 2012, 64 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

Ten Chapters of the Algebraical Art
by Peter J. Cameron, 2007, 108 pp, 500KB, PDF

Theory and Applications of Finite Groups
by G. A. Miller, H. F. Blichfeldt, L. E. Dickson, 1916, 424 pp, multiple formats

Theory and Applications of Lattice Point Methods for Binomial Ideals
by Ezra Miller, 2010, 57 pp, 640KB, PDF

Theory of Groups of Finite Order
by William Burnside, 1897, 456 pp, 3.9MB, PDF

Thin Groups and Superstrong Approximation
by Emmanuel Breuillard, Hee Oh (eds.), 2014, 362 pp, multiple PDF files

Topics In Algebra: Elementary Algebraic Geometry
by David Marker, 2003, 57 pages, 350KB, PDF

Transformation Groups in Algebra, Geometry and Calculus
by S. V. Duzhin, 2000, PS

Trends in Commutative Algebra
edited by Luchezar L. Avramov, 2005, 264 pages, PDF

Triples, algebras and cohomology
by Jonathan Mock Beck, 1967, 60 pages, DVI/PS/PDF

Varieties of Lattices
by Peter Jipsen, Henry Rose, 1992, 168 pages, 2MB, PDF

Von Neumann Algebras
by Vaughan F. R. Jones, 2009, 131 pages, 680KB, PDF

Why are Braids Orderable?
by Patrick Dehornoy, at al. 2010, 206 pages, 1.7MB, PDF

Workbook in Higher Algebra
by David Surowski, 1992, 194 pages, 0.8MB, PDF