Differential Equations Free Books

Advanced Partial Differential Equations with Applications
by Rodolfo R. Rosales, 2009, PDF

Beyond partial differential equations: A course on linear and quasi-linear abstract hyperbolic evolution equations
by Horst R. Beyer, 2011, 275 pages, 2MB, PDF

Chebyshev and Fourier Spectral Methods
by John P. Boyd, 2001, 611 pages, 3.2MB, PDF

Computational Mathematics for Differential Equations
by N. V. Kopchenova, I. A. Maron, 1975

Differential and Integral Equations: Boundary Value Problems and Adjoints
by S. Schwabik, M. Tvrdy, O. Vejvoda, 1979, 246 pp, multiple PDF files

Differential Equations
by H. B. Phillips, 1922, 84 pages, 3.3MB, PDF

Differential Equations
by William Woolsey Johnson, 1906, 96 pp, multiple formats

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
by Simon J.A. Malham, 2010, 95 pp, 790KB, PDF

Differential Equations From The Algebraic Standpoint
by Joseph Fels Ritt, 1932, 201 pp, multiple formats

Differential Equations In Applied Chemistry
by F.L. Hitchcock, C.S. Robinson, 1923, 129 pp, multiple formats

Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics
by Max Lein, 2015, 198 pp, 2.1MB, PDF

Differential Equations with YouTube Examples
by Jeffrey R. Chasnov, 2014, 57 pp, 4.7MB, PDF

Discrete Oscillation Theory
by Ravi P. Agarwal, at al. 2005

Distributed-Parameter Port-Hamiltonian Systems
by Hans Zwart, Birgit Jacob, 2009, 208 pages, 1.2MB, PDF

Elementary Differential Equations
by William F. Trench, 2001, 663 pp, 7.8MB, PDF

Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems
by William F. Trench, 2001, 806 pp, 9MB, PDF

Elementary Partial Differential Equations and Applications
by Bjorn Birnir, 1998, 110 pp, 1.2MB, PS

An Elementary Treatise On Differential Equations And Their Applications
by H.T.H. Piaggio, 1920, 274 pp, multiple formats

Entropy and Partial Differential Equations
by Lawrence C. Evans, 2003, 213 pages, 1MB, PDF

Examples of differential equations, with rules for their solution
by George A. Osborne, 1899, 76 pp, multiple formats

Exterior Differential Systems and Euler-Lagrange Partial Differential Equations
by Robert L. Bryant, Phillip A. Griffiths, Daniel A. Grossman, 2008, 219 pages, PDF/PS

Finite Difference and Spectral Methods for Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
by Lloyd N. Trefethen, 1996, PS/PDF

Finite Difference Computing with PDEs
by Hans Petter Langtangen, Svein Linge, 2017, 507 pp, multiple formats

A First Course in Elementary Differential Equations
by Marcel B. Finan, 2006, 213 pages, 1.8MB, PDF

A First Course in Ordinary Differential Equations
by Norbert Euler, 2015, 232 pp, 4.9MB, PDF

A First Course of Partial Differential Equations in Physical Sciences and Engineering
by Marcel B. Finan, 2009, 285 pages, 1MB, PDF

Fourier Series and Systems of Differential Equations and Eigenvalue Problems
by Leif Mejlbro, 2007, 125 pages, 5.3MB, PDF

A Friendly Introduction to Differential Equations
by Mohammed K A Kaabar, 2015, 164 pp, multiple formats

Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
by Bjorn E.J. Dahlberg and Carlos E. Kenig, PS

The Hopf Bifurcation and Its Applications
by J. E. Marsden and M. McCracken, 1976, 424 pages, 9MB, PDF

Integration and Differential Equations
by R.S. Johnson, 2012, 122 pp, 3.8MB, PDF

An Introduction to D-Modules
by Jean-Pierre Schneiders, 1991, 73 pages, 640KB, PDF

Introduction to Differential Equations
by Jeff.rey R. Chasnov, 2010, 126 pages, 1.1MB, PDF

An Introduction to Microlocal Analysis
by Richard B. Melrose, Gunther Uhlmann, 2008, 182 pp, 820KB, PDF

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
by Jared Speck, 2011, PDF

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
by John Douglas Moore, 2003, 169 pages, 2.7MB, PDF

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
by Tobias Colding, 2005, PDF

An Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations
by Lawrence C. Evans, 2006, 139 pages, 1.3MB, PDF

An Introduction to Stochastic PDEs
by Martin Hairer, 2009, 78 pages, PDF/PS

Introduction to the Galois Theory of Linear Differential Equations
by Michael F. Singer, 2008, 83 pages, 650KB, PDF

Introduction to the Method of Multiple Scales
by Per Jakobsen, 2014, 65 pp, 780KB, PDF

Introduction to the Numerical Integration of PDEs
by B. Piette, 2004, 89 pages, 530KB, PS

Introductory Finite Difference Methods for PDEs
by D. M. Causon, C. G. Mingham, 2010, 144 pages, 4.2MB, PDF

Lectures on Cauchy Problem
by Sigeru Mizohata, 1965, 191 pp, 940KB, PDF

Lectures on Differential Equations
by Craig A. Tracy, 2011, 131 pp, 930KB, PDF

Lectures on Diffusion Problems and Partial Differential Equations
by S.R.S. Varadhan, 1989, 324 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

Lectures on Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
by J.L. Lions, 1957, 121 pages, 750KB, PDF

Lectures on Exterior Differential Systems
by M. Kuranishi, 1962, 117 pages, 650KB, PDF

Lectures on Partial Differential Equations
by G.B. Folland, 1983, 145 pp, 670KB, PDF

Lectures on Partial Differential Equations and Representations of Semi-groups
by L. Schwartz, 1958, 137 pp, 620KB, PDF

Lectures on Periodic Homogenization of Elliptic Systems
by Zhongwei Shen, 2017, 246 pp, 2.2MB, PDF

Linear Elliptic Equations of Second Order
by Erich Miersemann, 2012, 87 pp, 490KB, PDF

Linear Methods of Applied Mathematics
by Evans M. Harrell II, James V. Herod, 2000

Linear Partial Differential Equations
by Matthew Hancock, 2006, PDF

Linear Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Theory
by Marcus Pivato, 2007, 490 pages, 20MB, PDF

Local Theory of Holomorphic Foliations and Vector Fields
by Julio C. Rebelo, Helena Reis, 2011, 115 pages, 910KB, PDF

Nonlinear Analysis and Differential Equations
by Klaus Schmitt, Russell C. Thompson, 2004, 158 pages, 790KB, PDF

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations of Elliptic Type
by Vicentiu Radulescu, 2005, 114 pages, 830KB, PDF

Notes on Differential Equations
by Bob Terrell, 2005, 99 pages, 0.8MB, PDF

Notes on Diffy Qs: Differential Equations for Engineers
by Jiri Lebl, 2009, 252 pages, 2MB, PDF

Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
by Jaime Peraire, Jacob White, Anthony Patera, Boo Cheong Khoo, 2003, PDF

Ordinary Differential Equations
by Sheldon Newhouse

Ordinary Differential Equations
by Stephen Wiggins, 2017, 146 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

Ordinary Differential Equations
by Wong Yan Loi, 2013, 121 pp, 780KB, PDF

Ordinary Differential Equations: A Systems Approach
by Bruce P. Conrad, 2010, 1125 pp, 4.6MB, PDF

Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
by Gerald Teschl, 2009, 297 pages, 3MB, PDF

Partial Differential Equations
by Erich Miersemann, 2012, 205 pp, 1.4MB, PDF

Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction
by A.D.R. Choudary, Saima Parveen, Constantin Varsan, 2010, 208 pages, 1.5MB, PDF

Partial Differential Equations for Finance
by Robert V. Kohn, 2003, PDF/PS

Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics
by William W. Symes, 2006, 105 pages, 490KB, PDF

Partial Differential Equations with Maple
by Robert Piche, Keijo Ruohonen, 1997, 131 pp, 960KB, PDF

Poincare Analyticity and the Complete Variational Equations
by Dobrin Kaltchev, Alex Dragt, 2011, 86 pages, 7.8MB, PDF

Pseudodifferential Operators and Nonlinear PDE
by Michael E. Taylor, 1991, 202 pages, 760KB, PDF

A Second Course in Elementary Ordinary Differential Equations
by Marcel B. Finan, 2006, 201 pages, 770KB, PDF

Second-order Ordinary Differential Equations
by R.S. Johnson, 2012, 181 pp, 2.5MB, PDF

Solving PDEs in Python
by Hans Petter Langtangen, Anders Logg, 2017, 148 pp, multiple PDF files

Spectral Theory of Partial Differential Equations
by Richard S. Laugesen, 2012, 120 pp, 2.5MB, PDF

Stochastic Integration and Stochastic Differential Equations
by Klaus Bichteler, 2002, 643 pages, DVI/PS/PDF

Transmutations and Applications: a survey
by Sergei M. Sitnik, 2010, 141 pages, 870KB, PDF

Wave Propagation Analysis with Boundary Element Method
by Chiara Guardasoni, 2010, 130 pp, 3.6MB, PDF