Astrophysics Books

Accelerating Universe: Theory versus Experiment
by Moshe Carmeli, 2002, 43 pp, 600KB, PDF

Black-Hole Phenomenology
by Neven Bilic, 2006, 58 pp, 570KB, PDF

Black Holes
by P.K. Townsend, 1997, 145 pages, PDF/PS

Connecting Quarks with the Cosmos: Eleven Science Questions for the New Century
Committee on the Physics of the Universe, 2003

Cosmic Rays in Galactic and Extragalactic Magnetic Fields
by F. Aharonian, A. Bykov, E. Parizot, V. Ptuskin, A. Watson, 2011, 43 pages, 950KB, PDF

Dark Energy: Observational Evidence and Theoretical Models
by B. Novosyadlyj, V. Pelykh, Yu. Shtanov, A. Zhuk, 2013, 380 pp, 9.2MB, PDF

Elements of Astrophysics
by Nick Kaiser, 2002, 435 pages, 5MB, PDF

Encyclopedia of Astrophysics
Scholarpedia, 2009

The Fundamentals of Stellar Astrophysics
by George W. Collins II, 2003, 494 pages, PDF

Gamma-Ray Bursts: Progress, Problems and Prospects
by Bing Zhang, Peter Meszaros, 2008, 87 pages, 1.3MB, PDF

High Energy Astrophysics
by Jonathan Katz, 1986

High Performance Computing and Numerical Modelling
by Volker Springel, 2014, 108 pp, 2.5MB, PDF

An Introduction to Cosmic Rays and Gamma-Ray Bursts
by A. De Rujula, 2007, 37 pages, 2.3MB, PDF

Introduction to Dark Matter Experiments
by R. W. Schnee, 2011, 64 pp, 3MB, PDF

Introduction to Non-Baryonic Dark Matter
by Paolo Gondolo, 2004, 51 pages, 1.7MB, PDF

Introduction to Supersymmetry: Astrophysical and Phenomenological Constraints
by Keith A. Olive, 1999, 67 pages, 730KB, PDF

Magnetic Fields, Strings and Cosmology
by Massimo Giovannini, 2006, 76 pages, 810KB, PDF

Massive Stars and their Supernovae
by F. Thielemann, R. Hirschi, M. Liebendorfer, R. Diehl, 2010, 81 pages, 5.6MB, PDF

Mathematical Problems Of Radiative Equilibrium
by Eberhard Hopf, 1934, 123 pp, multiple formats

Multi-messenger Astronomy and Dark Matter
by Las Bergstrom, 2012, 105 pp, 2.3MB, PDF

Neutrinos and the Stars
by Georg Raffelt, 2012, 83 pp, 4.9MB, PDF

Oulu Space Physics Textbook
by Reijo Rasinkangas, 2008

Particle Physics and Inflationary Cosmology
by Andrei Linde, 2005, 270 pages, 2MB, PDF

Plasma Physics of Extreme Astrophysical Environments
by Dmitri A. Uzdensky, Shane Rightley, 2014, 56 pp, 700KB, PDF

A Practical Introduction to Numerical Hydrodynamics
by Garrelt Mellema, 2003

A Primer for Black Hole Quantum Physics
by R. Brout, S. Massar, R. Parentani, P. Spindel, 2007, 178 pages, PDF

Primordial Magnetogenesis
by Alejandra Kandus, Kerstin E. Kunze, Christos G. Tsagas, 2011, 107 pages, 880KB, PDF

Primordial Nucleosynthesis: from precision cosmology to fundamental physics
by F. Iocco, G. Mangano, G. Miele, O. Pisanti, P.D. Serpico, 2009, 148 pp, 2.2MB, PDF

Radiative Gas Dynamics
by David Weinberg, 2007, PDF

Radiative Processes in High Energy Astrophysics
by Gabriele Ghisellini, 2012, 157 pp, 2.1MB, PDF

The Solar Magnetic Field
by Sami Solanki, Bernd Inhester, Manfred Schussler, 2010, 83 pages, 2.8MB, PDF

Special Functions: Fractional Calculus and the Pathway for Entropy
by Hans J. Haubold (ed.), 2018, 306 pp, 24MB, PDF

Spectral Line Shapes in Plasmas
by Evgeny Stambulchik (ed.), 2015, 229 pp, 13MB, PDF

Stellar Superfluids
by Dany Page, et al., 2013, 88 pp, 2.4MB, PDF

Supernova Remnants: The X-ray Perspective
by Jacco Vink, 2011, 78 pp, 4.9MB, PDF

TASI Lectures: Introduction to Cosmology
by Mark Trodden, Sean M. Carroll, 2004, 82 pages, 690KB, PDF

Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays: Facts, Myths, and Legends
by Luis Alfredo Anchordoqui, 2011, 92 pp, 3.5MB, PDF

The Universe in a Helium Droplet
by Grigory E. Volovik, 2003, 532 pages, 4.1MB, PDF

Why CMB physics?
by Massimo Giovannini, 2007, 179 pages, 2MB, PDF